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When inviting guests to the wine tasting events, ask each guest (or couple) to bring two bottles of a certain varietal of wine.  In your event invitation let the guest know the ground rules, the price point, varietal or region that is going to be explored for the particular tasting.  Once the guest(s) arrive, the host takes all the wine into a separate room and places wine sleeves over one bottle of wine, and the second bottle stays hidden.  The winner is revealed at the end of the tasting, the guest(s) that brought the favorite wine will win the second bottles that were set aside.  The guest that brought the least favorite wine will get to host the next tasting event.
  • Birthday Parties
  • To add some excitement and fun to your next birthday bash, have the guests bring a bottle of wine (preferable the birthday boy or girls favorite varietal). Place the VinoSleeve's over the bottles of wine and have the birthday boy or girl and guest choose their favorite. The host and/or hostess can provide prizes for the highest scoring wine.  Suggested party favors or prizes would include wine themed books, accessories or bottles of wine.
  • Bridal Showers
  • Bring a fun element to any bridal showers with VinoSleeve kits.  For the bride and bridal party that enjoys exploring the world of wine. Prizes that relate to wine, wine accessories or bottles of wine are always wonderful. For the bride, a basket filled with a decanter, wine glasses, wine stopper, cheese, and a wine book is always a wonderful bridal shower gift.
  • Dinner Pairing
  • For your next dinner party, add some decorative flair and excitement by wrapping your wine bottles in the VinoSleeve wine sleeves. Each guest can let their palates guide them in their dinner and wine pairing experience.  Many guests can find new favorites and will be surprised by the enhancement of flavors in the food and wine when parried correctly.