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The VinoSleeve concept was born when Event Coordinator/Personal Concierge (and wino), Leilani Metry was planning a wine tasting bridal shower.  When searching for something to cover the wine bottles in, she found there was nothing but brown paper bags to loosely tie or tape around the wine bottles.  Searching high and low, she became increasingly disappointed with the lack of options.  She decided to break out her design skills to create her own labels with decorative paper, making sure they could be removed at the end of the event to reveal the winning and losing wines.

In the following months, this situation kept her mind entertained.  Leilani began to put more research into the possibility of creating a product that could be used for wine tasting events.  Leilani decided to take the plunge and began to design the first prototype of the VinoSleeve. Since that first step, the journey has been filled with educational experiences and amazing people.  Leilani is proud to introduce the first blind wine tasting kit for the public to enjoy.  The VinoSleeve kit is incredibly user friendly and suitable for wine drinkers at every stage of wine exploration.  The wine sleeve stands up to moisture, to chilled temperatures, and is a way to add a fashionable and decorative accent to your next wine tasting event. 

The previous owner of The Executive Assistant, is proud to introduce VinoSleeve!  We hope you enjoy using it and look forward to receiving feedback!

Leilani Metry
Leilani Metry